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August 2011
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slashpervert [userpic]
CALIFORNIA - INVITE: Witches and Wizard Tea Party - January 29

Witches and Wizards Tea Party

An afternoon gathering with tea and snacks for Harry Potter fans to talk and meet each other.

Saturday, January 29, 2-5 PM
Hayward, California

If you want to bring food or drink to contribute, just let me know what. Especially cool if it is from the books.

Costumes are encouraged (though not required). Want to wear that Gryffindor robe or Slytherin tie or other Harry Potter themed clothing? Bring it on!

Since the host and several of the participants are fan fiction readers and/or writers - mostly of fiction with adult content - and so we don't have to censor our conversations, this is an adults only gathering for those who are open minded about fan fiction. If you have issues with fan fiction - slash or het - then you probably wouldn't be comfortable at this gathering.

The location of the party is at my home in Hayward. We are not far from the A Street exit off I-880 and a bus ride (or phone call for pick up if arranged) from the Hayward BART station. I don't want to publish my address or phone on the web, if you want to attend, send me email and I will send you directions.

For space reasons, I will probably limit this to about a dozen people. So first RSVPs have priority and if you change your mind, please let me know.

To attend, sent email to: slashpervert@gmail.com

Let's have fun!


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